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Please bring only fresh/frozen boilies, we have large freezers on site for you to store your bait in (max 20kg per angler) during your session, which is F.O.C., so if you don’t use it you can take it home again. Please bring the bait in 5 or 10kg bags so it fits in our freezer. 20kg duffel bags will not be accepted.

We do not allow shelf life boilies as they generally have a lower nutritional content and take far longer to break down if they are not eaten. Shelf life hookbaits are allowed such as pop ups or glugged bottom baits.

We stock Mainline Frozen boilies, in 18mm to reduce the attentions of the bream.  We generally rotate the available bait yearly to keep the fish interested at our lakes. 10kg of Mainline boilies is 130 Euros which you can leave in the freezer during your stay, so it doesn’t go off.

We are currently stocking a bait from Mainline that is exclusive to us at Gigantica which is the Spicy Active; based on the legendary Activ-8 boilie but with added salt and chilli.  We also stock Wafters and Pop-Ups to match as well as our own Banoffee hook baits, these are a little different to the ones you can buy in the UK and have been really succesful at Gigantica.

Prior to spawning, bites on the bottom tend to come over small amounts of bait accurately placed. Zig rigs have also proved to be a successful tactic, small black foam glugged in King Crab Goo have accounted for a number of fish. The upper layers tend to be the most productive area to target with the Zig Rigs


Putting out 5kg on day one is suicide in March, April and May. At this time of year 10kg will last all week. Start with 1/2 kilo and build up if you get bites! Remember singles and zigs will often be the best bet.

After Spawning

Once the fish have spawned bites will come over larger beds of BOILIES that are topped up regularly, if you are fishing only with boilies we suggest at least 20kg for the week post-spawning (July onwards) starting with 3-5kg in one large area on day 1, after every fish feed another ½-1kg, providing this can be done from the bank, the fish will tolerate feeding over their heads when they are ‘having it’ because the water is 20 feet deep.

Baiting with the Boat

Baiting with use of the boats on site is no longer offered.  All baiting up must be done from the bank, with the use of catapult, throwing stick or spod/spomb etc.

The use of boats is strictly for the use of weeded or snagged fish only and you must be accompanied by one of the bailiff team to do this. Do not, under any circumstances, go out in a boat to release a snagged fish prior to a bailiff arriving. A correctly fitted life jacket must be worn at all times when in the water.

Other Boilies

Other decent boilies will work, Nash, Essential Baits and Bait Works have all caught lots of fish.

At all costs avoid Mainline rolled by rolling services, unless you have confidence in their bait. They are not all bad but some rolling companies CELL is nothing like the real thing and results on it are poor. Also much of it is too soft and will split out the stick. Our Mainline is made harder and usually in 20mm by the boys at Mainline, so we know its first grade and perfect for the job.

Bulk Prices

For 50kg or more we drop our price by 5 euro per 10kg to 125 euro. If you don't use it all simply take it home! Poor quality bait will ruin your chances so if in doubt get it from us, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Pop Ups

Pop Ups and Wafters are available on site to complement the current stocked boilies. All tubs of hookbaits are the same price 9 euros, which equals the retail price in the UK. We have available a lake exclusive Banoffee Wafter bait, which has produced numerous fish in recent times.



In the past a carp feed pellet which is primarily vegetable based has been sold to the anglers in huge quantities and as a result the fish have seen it as almost their natural food. We are continuing to sell the pellet and recommend it as part of your feed. A 25kg sack is 60 euros.

Please do not bring your own pellets for loose feeding, this is so we can control the level of fish oils our carp ingest thus maintaining a healthy stock of fish that grow steadily and consistently. You may bring your own pellets for PVA bags providing you make the fishery manager aware of them at the start of the week. If you are found to be feeding with your own pellets you may be asked to leave!


Particles may only be used at Gigantica during the winter months as feed or hook baits, so during the months from December until the end of April, then we replace the particle with pellets.  This applies to both the Main Lake and the Road Lake.

Only particles prepared by us may be used at Gigantica, this is to ensure that we know that the particles have been prepared in the correct manor.

We no longer allow the use of any nuts, this includes Tiger Nuts as hook baits or as part of your loose feed. We do understand that tigers are a great bait but they have been over used in recent times. The same tiger nut can be eaten several times because the fish do not really digest them, this means bacteria in the gut can be passed from fish to fish in extreme cases. In 2008 before our rules took effect anglers where using a kilo of tigers per rod per day even if they were not getting bites, crazy! Fish were still crapping out tigers when they were caught a month after the end of the season, that’s a month since a single tiger was put in the lake.

Our own mixed particle mix is made up of maize and hemp. This gives the fish an excellent source of vegetable protein, lots energy and lots of roughage for good digestion, just like us having fresh veg every day! 5kg costs 10 Euro. Hemp is at least twice the price of normal particles in France so we are forced to sell it at 15 euro's for 5kg. Particles can be an effective as a mass baiting approach to catch our carp. Please order your bait in advance by phone or by email to During your stay we need at least 24 hours’ notice for fresh particles and please bring your own buckets to store it in.

Particle hookbaits

We do not allow the use of any nuts for hook baits, you may use Maize for hook baits if you like. Please do not abuse our policy, if you are found feeding or using nuts you WILL be asked to leave, we take our fishes health that seriously.

If you are using a spod or putting bait out with one of our 6 boats we recommend you use a mix of whole and chopped boilies plus particles. A 10 liter bucket of particles plus a couple of kilos of boilies will give you enough for 2 or even 3 days of feed. Fishing maize or boilies over the top gives you options and once the favored hook bait is found we recommend you swop all rods to that.